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Getting Started

My path to herbal medicine was not linear.

This post will be the first part of three in what is going to be a high level look at what brought me here; an introduction to who I am of sorts. Deeper dives into my psyche will have to wait until later.  I’m an over-sharer, so I’m sure it will happen in posts down the line.

I went to college late: I started at age 27 at my local community college.  Before starting, I met with a counselor, who counseled me into several general education classes, including the equivalent of high school chemistry.  I had never taken a chemistry class prior to that and had always considered myself artsy, and not good at math or science.

I found out I was good at both; especially chemistry.  And I found out that I really liked chemistry. I changed my major to chemistry and got a job in the chemistry storeroom.  Most of the other students my classes were working on pre-med.  I started to entertain the thought of becoming a doctor.

When I transferred to UC Berkeley, it was as a chemistry major, with a pre-med focus. This meant I took a lot of biology classes in addition to my chemistry classes.  I graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry with an emphasis in biological chemistry.  After graduation, I got a job at UCSF as an academic assistant in the Cardiac Cath lab and spent the year applying to medical school.  I didn’t get in.

The picture I sent with my med school applications.

In looking back, I don’t think I really wanted it, and I think it was evident in my applications.  I got them all in on time, but usually just under the wire and my personal statements were so incredibly hard to write, that I don’t think they were very good.  I took a hard look at myself and my reasons for wanting to be a doctor, and instead of applying again, I decided to look for something else.

But it wasn’t herbal medicine!

To be continued…

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